There comes a time when you have accumulated a rather large pile of documents you no longer need. You know you just can’t throw them in the waste or recycle bin anymore. So what do you do with them? And that’s why you have been searching online for document shredding services and found yourself here.

Commercial shredding is designed to help companies and households safely destroy their archive documents. Conforming to BS EN 15713 legislation all documents would be safely and securely destroyed so that they are no longer legible.

There are two main types of services available:

One-Off purge

A one-off purge is ideal for smaller companies that only need to destroy confidential waste every once in a while. Once a year clear out, an office relocation or just a ‘spring clean’.

Whether you have just 1 box, 5 boxes or you have been a hoarder and have 15+ boxes, we will destroy your documents and provide you with a certificate of destruction as proof conforming to BS EN 15713 legislation.

To use a one-off service complete the form below for a call back or call 0800 612 73093 for immediate assistance.

Regular Service

console to store confidential documentsA regular shredding service is perfect for larger commercial companies with more employees. We provide a lockable container free of charge to locate in the centre of the office. This container is used to place all unwanted documents with sensitive information.

At regular intervals, we will collect and destroy the confidential waste. Only 1 staff member and one of our employees will have access to the container with a lockable key. Depending on the amount of waste generated, we can schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly site visits. After each visit a certificate of destruction will be given for your records conforming to BS EN 15713 legislation.

To destroy your documents complete a contact form or call 0800 612 7309 for immediate assistance.

What documents should you be shredding?

Anything that has sensitive information on such as a name, telephone number or address should be destroyed when no longer needed. If any information gets into the wrong hands it can be used to open bank accounts, obtain credit cards, order goods to taking over existing bank accounts or take out mobile phone contracts.

Here’s a list of some of the most common documents your must shred and destroy:

  • Invoices, receipts & purchase orders
  • Bank statements
  • Utility bills
  • Insurance policy documents
  • Employee records
  • Email print outs

Identity theft and fraud

In the wrong hands, it is easy for fraudsters to use details about you, your staff or customers for their own rewards. According to a report by Experian in 2016, fraud costs the UK economy £193 billion each year. This equates to more than £6,000 lost per second every day. Fraudsters only need 3 pieces of information to steal an identity and access accounts, take out financial loans or credit cards. All fraudsters need is a name, address and date of birth. That’s why shredding is important to ensure all information is safely destroyed.

What is BS EN 15713 Legislation?

By having the BS EN 15713 certification we provide dispose of confidential waste in a secure, controlled manner, with the process tightly regulated by on-going external audits.

Benefits to our customers:

  • It increases customer confidence and gives reassurance that we follow a recognised specialist standard whilst disposing of your confidential material.
  • Helps customers reduce the risk of damage to their company reputation and potential fines by allowing to have a formalised document policy.
  • Helps to enhance the companies corporate social responsibility by entering into a partnership that takes their responsibilities seriously through recycling the end product.

Are you ready for GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force May 2018 and will effect any organisation that holds and processes sensitive information about anyone. We will help you comply with the new regulations ensuring you destroy any sensitive information held about you, your colleagues or customers. If you are unsure you can ask us for a free data protection risk assessment today.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are proud to have an excellent team who are always on hand to answer your questions or give help and advice. Many customers we speak to don’t have a policy in place. We have templates you can copy from. We have a five star rating on TrustPilot. Many customers need a quick turnaround and we can usually complete your request within 24 hours. Our trucks are never too far away and can easily add your location to our daily schedule.

30% Discount for new customers

There are no hidden T&Cs. There are no hidden costs. New customers, large or small, corporate, industrial, commercial or residential, all receive a 30% discount on their first shredding order. We guarantee to be more cost effective than your existing provider, saving you money.

We are in your local area

We have a busy schedule that gets us in every town and city around the North of England. So we are never far away. A benefit of this is being able to add your location to our regular routes thus saving costs that we pass down to you, so you save money.

We had a call from a solicitors in the city of Manchester and one of our trucks was only 5 minutes away in Atlas Business Park. So we got our truck to pass through on the way back to the depot.

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