A regular shredding service is perfect for businesses that generate a lot of sensitive and confidential documents on a daily basis and want to comply with information security standards.

At scheduled intervals, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on how much paper waste is generated in the office, we will destroy and recycle all the documents. Use the enquiry form below to get started.

Historically, paper was placed into general waste bins along with everything else. This is where breaches of security and identity theft occur. And this is where you can now get into serious trouble and land yourself a large fine! Training colleagues to place all paper in the secure locked containers is much safer and secure.

Follow the link if you are wanting a one-off service.

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Case Studies

Why Shred?

  • Identity Theft – It’s on the rise
  • Compliance – Protect yourself from being caught out
  • Cost effectiveness – It’s cheaper than paying wages
  • Safety – Personal shredders are notorious for getting jammed
  • Our shredders cut through staples, paperclips, binder clips, rubber bands and post-it notes
  • Successful Records Management Program – You have the necessary evidence your waste is destroyed
  • Environmentally Friendly – All paper waste is recycled

We wrote an article explaining what document shredding services are and when you need to start thinking about destroying old documents that are no longer needed.

How does a Regular Shredding Service work?

  • 1. Lockable Containers

    Secured lockable container(s) are delivered at no cost

  • 2. Central Location

    Sensitive documents are placed in secured locked containers

  • 3. Site Visit

    Secure Shredco UK truck arrives on a scheduled day

  • 4. Destroy

    Your sensitive documents are shredded in a matter of minutes

  • 5. Certificate of Destruction

    Once your sensitive information is destroyed, a Certificate of Destruction is given to you for your compliance team