Digital Media Destruction Services

Secure digital media destruction for old CD/DVD’s to floppy/hard disks is the only way to ensure your confidential information is safely destroyed. Safeguarding information and protecting your assets is very important. Digital media can end up in competitors’ hands; counterfeit products can flow into the market and damage your reputation; personal information about your customers and employees can be abused and cause litigation against you.

Items that should be destroyed for compliance:

  1. CDs and Disk Drives
  2. Copier Hard Drives
  3. Computer Hard Drives
  4. Computer Backups
  5. Microfiche
  6. X-Rays
  7. Videotapes
  8. Cassette Tapes

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    Why Shred?

    • Many of the programs available for formatting a hard drive do not completely erase the data from the drive.
    • The software used leaves traces of data or just deleting the directories leaves whole blocks of information behind.
    • If the platter is left in tack that data could be accessed.
    • There is also the threat of someone using reconstruction software on your old hard drive. Software that will recover and restore any data left behind on a computers hard drive.

    How does a Digital Media Destruction work?

    • 1. Call for quote

      Call Shredco UK for a quotation 0800 612 7309. If you want a callback use the quote form above

    • 2. Agree date

      Agree a day for the site visit

    • 3. Site Visit

      Secure Shredco UK truck arrives on a scheduled day

    • 4. Destroy

      Your digital media is shredded in a matter of minutes

    • 5. Certificate of Destruction

      Once your sensitive information is destroyed, a Certificate of Destruction is given to you for your compliance team