The Challenge

A number of schools in the local area needed to destroy paper documents collected on a daily basis. These documents contained super sensitive information about the children they teach. The schools needed to be confident all of the documents would be destroyed in a completely secure manner, or the schools would face serious repercussions.

The schools are no longer able to keep photos of children nor wanted to keep key stage documents or exam documents. Documents included HR information such as NI numbers, telephone numbers and payroll information.

The schools also needed to save costs due to financial cuts they were experiencing. Each school had their own cost centres and having several shredding companies was expensive for them.

picture of a school in calderdale

The Solution

Shredco UK were invited to tender for the project. We advised the schools on best practices to ensure all confidential documents no longer required, and needed to be destroyed, were placed in lockable secure containers.

We worked with the schools to create procedures and training to ensure all sensitive information was placed in these secure containers. The locked consoles were conveniently placed in the centre of the admin offices. Using Shredco UK’s regular shredding service, we provide weekly for fortnightly visits to the schools to collect and destroy the documents in a safe and secure environment.

Every visit to the each school was clearly documented and a proof of destruction was provided to show evidence that ALL documents were destroyed.

All waste paper was 100% recycled. This was another initiative the school wanted to implement.

Huge cost savings of 55%

The greatest benefit was the cost savings. And this was achieved by merging all the costs into one central location. All discussions were dealt with by one contact thus saving time and reduced their costs by 55%, simply by using one shredding company.

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