The Challenge

A doctors surgery with premises in Halifax and Bradford called Shredco UK to help them destroy several archive boxes full of patient information.

With each surgery having 10 to 15 doctors, it doesn’t take long before there is a large quantity of paper documents with confidential information on them.

Confidential patient information includes:

  • Patient name & address
  • Date of birth
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Contact details
  • Old prescriptions

Doctors are required to adhere to strict management of patient information, and there comes a time when the files must be destroyed. Shredding old documents is essential to conform with ICO and GDPR legislation.

shredding for doctors surgery

The Solution

After a short consultation period with Shredco UK, we were appointed their main shredding contractor.

Shredco UK is based in Halifax, so only a few minutes drive to the doctors surgery in Halifax, and only 15 minutes away from their Bradford surgery.

Our shredding trucks are visiting business parks in and around Halifax and Bradford every day. A next day site visit was quickly booked in. The quick response by Shredco UK was one of the main deciding factors the doctors surgery chose to use our services.

Another reason why Shredco UK was also chosen was the significant cost savings compared to other shredding businesses that were based in Halifax or Bradford. By only using one shredding contractor, this saved the doctors surgery over 30% on costs.

At the end of each and every site visit, a signed proof of destruction was provided for the surgeries records. This is a requirement of the GDPR legislation to be able to prove that the documents were safely destroyed.

Moving forward, regular monthly collections have been organised between the surgery and Shredco UK.

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