The Challenge

Primary schools in the Manchester area made enquiries with Shredco UK on destroying their confidential waste throughout the academic year.

With primary schools accumulating a lot of documents with pupils’ confidential information, the schools needed assistance in the collection and disposal of these documents.

Confidential information includes:

  • Pupil Records
  • Employee Records
  • Financial Documents
  • Contact details

With the introduction of GDPR legislation and how this must be adhered too, it is important for schools to keep a strict process minimising the length of time documents are kept before being destroyed.

row of chairs in a primary school

The Solution

After a conversation with one of the staff members at Shredco UK it was advised that an installation of consoles in the main offices would be beneficial. Monthly collections of all confidential waste allows the schools to keep up to date with any documents that need destroying.

Shredco UK trucks are in Manchester most days of the week, so it’s easy for us to add the schools into our weekly run.

Installation of consoles were quickly booked in along with the first collection of waste. This suited the primary schools as it meant a quick turnaround for collection of confidential information, especially at the end of school term.

Shredco UK was chosen by the schools due to the significant cost savings compared to other shredding businesses that were based in Manchester. Along with the professionalism of Shredco UK’s service that has been provided in accordance to BS EN15713.

At the end of each site visit, a signed proof of destruction was provided for the school’s records. This is a requirement of the GDPR legislation to be able to prove that the documents were safely destroyed.

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