The Challenge

A popular fast food chain needed to clear out all of their confidential paper waste. They needed to be 100% confident the paper was safely and securely destroyed. Finally, they were keen to do well for the environment by having all the shredded paper recycled as part of their recycle target.

McDonald’s target is to have zero waste sent to landfill by 2020. Most of their franchises have actually been 100% recycled since 2017!

The customer collects a significant amount of information on CV’s, interview sheets, salary information & bank account details. All of which needed to be destroyed quickly once use for the documents was completed.

GDPR states that you shouldn’t keep any confidential records if there is no longer a business requirement. So, the sooner the documents are shredded, the safer the business is from internal data theft, or fraud, if the documents ended up in the hands of the wrong people.

halifax franchise chooses shredco uk to shred their confidential data

The Solution

As part of the bidding process, Shredco UK was contacted by McDonald’s franchise in Halifax, West Yorkshire to submit a proposal for the one-off shredding of all archive boxes.

Shredco UK provided sound help and advice for a large number of archive boxes, GDPR compliance, and the benefits of recycling paper. The customer was impressed with the professionalism of the Shredco UK team, as well as recognising the recent success at the Calderdale Evening Business Courier Awards in Nov 2018. Shredco UK was selected to carry out the task.

Great Feedback

Within a week of completing the work, Shredco UK received calls from other franchises in Huddersfield and Leeds having heard great feedback from the office in Halifax. This was due to the amazing work of everyone at Shredco UK. Thanks guys!!

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