Newspaper shredding services

Recycling shredded paper can be an incredibly effective way to help promote sustainability and environmental consciousness. However, in order to ensure that your recycling efforts are truly successful, it is crucial to take important precautions and properly prepare your shredded paper for the recycling process.

Make sure the paper is free of staples

One of the most important steps you can take is to place your shredded paper in a paper bag or envelope, which can help prevent it from getting tangled or caught in recycling machinery. It is also essential to carefully inspect your shredded paper to ensure that it is completely free of any non-paper materials, such as staples or plastic.

Taking these simple yet effective measures can make all the difference in your overall environmental impact and help contribute to a healthier planet for generations to come. So why not start making a positive change today and take the time to properly recycle your shredded paper?

Shredco UK Offer Commercial Paper Recycling Near Me

We offer professional shredding solutions to businesses. Our mobile shredding service enables businesses to securely dispose of their waste. The waste is then recycled, meeting eco-friendly standards. If you require shredding services, please get in touch with us today at 0800 612 7309 or contact us online for a call back.